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Imagine stories set within the amazing backdrops of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Saigon, Penang, Manila, Singapore and other East Asian locations. The Pacific realm is huge, the stories contained along its shores are full of intrigue, turmoil, perseverance, deception, political strife, and romance. This storytelling terrain is full of moviemaking potential, epic stories of individuals who confronted historical moments when the Pacific exploded in war. There are many potential historical events awaiting delivery onto the silver screen such as The Fall of Singapore, The Flying Tigers, The Battle of Shanghai, The Bataan Death March, Chindits and the Burma Campaign, The Battle of Hong Kong, Pearl Harbor, operations of the British Army Aid Group, various POW escapes, The Battle of Manila and many, many other Pacific War moments.

One of the goals at Pacific War Movies is to network a group of focused individuals to a common cause, the development and production of films showcasing historical moments in time. In order to develop and push into production some of these cinematic stories, producer/director Craig McCourry is seeking financially prosperous individuals and companies for funding on upcoming feature films. If this sort of financial commitment is within your reach, then send Craig an email to start the conversation: