Do I need to subscribe to Pacific War Movies to be able to watch your films?

No subscription is needed. If you would like to contribute some goodwill gratitude for all our hard work in creating these original movies, then we do have a DONATE button where you can showcase your support for Pacific War Movies.

How do I rent a movie featured on your website?

Double click on the movie poster image. This action will launch a new webpage that displays the movie trailer. Play the movie trailer. At the end of the movie trailer, a “Rent $5.00” button will be displayed (priced at $5 USD or your currency equivalent). Click this blue button to rent the movie. The rental term is for an entire year, allowing you repeated viewings during this generous 12-month rental period. All movie transactions are handled via VIMEO, a trusted and secure company that streams our movies for your viewing enjoyment.

Do the movies have closed captions or subtitles?

Yes, click the CC BUTTON in the LOWER RIGHT CORNER of the playback window to engage CC and choose your preferred language. You can select either English captions/subtitles or Chinese Traditional subtitles.

Can I watch the movies on my TV?

Yes, there are a couple of options on casting the movies from your computer/laptop to your TV depending upon your setup.

Casting with an HDMI Cable: Connecting your computer to a TV using an HDMI cable connection is fairly easy. If your computer has an HDMI port, then just plug the cable into your computer and into the HDMI port on your TV and then switch the TV input source to the correct HDMI input. If your computer does not feature an HDMI port, then you will need an HDMI adapter that is compatible with the port on your computer.

Casting with a Chromecast or Wi-Fi Dongle uses your home Wi-Fi network to connect your computer or smartphone to your TV for casting. Plug the dongle into your TV and follow the on-screen set up instructions, making sure to connect to the same Wi-Fi network that your computer or smartphone is connected to. Every dongle has different requirements, so refer to the user manual for specific set up instructions.

Chromecast from a PC/Laptop:

You can cast Pacific War Movies directly from our website on your PC or laptop.

#1: Initially connect your Desktop PC to the same WiFi in which the Chromecast is connected.

#2: Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

#3: Now click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen.

#4: Select the Cast option from the list.

#5: Here click the sources drop-down option and then select the Cast tab option.

#6: Next select your Chromecast device from the search result.

#7: Instantly it starts casting your Google Chrome browser window onto the Chromecast.


Here is a video tutorial on setup of Chromecast

How can I learn about future movie releases?

You can join our email list by clicking the ENLIST button at the top of our webpage. When new movies are added, we will send you an email about the new movie release.

I have a comment or question about Pacific War Movies, whom can I contact?

Please send your comment/question to office@PacificWarMovies.com and we will try to respond as soon as possible.